Veterinarian Dr. Rick Sampson

Focus: Clinical Services
Education: 1978 graduate of the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine
Associations: Member of the American Veterinary Association, American Animal Hospital Association, the Association of Avian Veterinarians, the Arizona Veterinary Medical Association and the Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians

  • How did you and your wife, Dr. Roberts, come to own Shea Animal Hospital in 1991?
    Rita and I were college sweethearts and married right after we both graduated from vet school. We were ready for some adventure, so we moved from our home state of Missouri to Phoenix, where I worked in emergency veterinary medicine before joining the staff at Ingleside Animal Hospital. After 11 great years with Ingleside, I was excited to start my own practice, one that was personable and client-focused, where we could help people help their animals.
  • What makes Shea Animal Hospital special?
    We offer a very diverse range of preventive, diagnostic and treatment services for pets, from the latest in leading-edge medical technology to alternative treatment methods. And, because we are a smaller, privately owned practice, we’ve been able to build strong relationships with our clients, getting to know them, their families and their pets well. For me, that makes coming to work every day a lot of fun.
  • Who shares your life?
    My wife, Rita, and our daughter, Marena, are thoroughly outnumbered at home by a slew of pets that fill our lives with lots of love and laughs. Right now, that includes Scout, a very energetic shorthair pointer; Izzy, a lovable Pug mix; Cooper, who we recently adopted from the pound; Max the cat; a desert tortoise named El Tortuga; Doc, Rita’s quarter horse, and two hermit crabs named Mrs. Lovett and Krinkle. By the time I get home tonight, we may have even more.
  • In addition to pets, what are your other passions?
    I’m an avid naturalist and take every opportunity I can to camp, hike and kayak. We also really enjoy traveling to new places, especially to countries that have rich histories and lots of fabulous food and wine. My newest pursuit is scuba diving. I got certified a few years ago and like to poke around in the reefs around Central America looking for unusual sea creatures.

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A cat can be either right-pawed or left-pawed.

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