Veterinarian Dr. Rita Roberts

Focus: Business Services
Education: 1978 graduate of the University of the Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine
Associations: Member of the American Veterinary Association, American Animal Hospital Association and the Arizona Veterinary Medical Association

  • What drew you to veterinary medicine?
    I’ve always felt really close to animals. I think they are very comforting and they look at you with so much love. I wanted to be able to care for them when they looked to me for help — it’s one thing you can do for them because they give you so much.
  • Why did you and Dr. Sampson decide to purchase Shea Animal Hospital?
    Rick and I work together well, so we decided that instead of pursuing separate careers in veterinary medicine, we would pool our common interest and unique skill sets to operate Shea Animal Hospital together.
  • What is special about Shea Animal Hospital?
    Our clients at Shea are amazing – they feel deeply about their animals and treat them like members of their family.
  • What’s one of your favorite pet moments?
    We had a peach faced love bird that used to perch on our daughter’s violin bow and hang on for dear life while she played.
  • How did you acquire your latest pet?
    Marena and I were working at an adopt-a-thon at the Franciscan Renewal Center, and there was this cute puppy that had been adopted once then returned to the shelter. Marena wanted him so badly, and these days the shelters are filled to overflowing, so we decided we could make room for one more at our home.

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Did You Know...

A cat can jump as much as 7 times its height.

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